Visualization Resources

Visualization Cluster: Stratus

93 Megapixel Tiled-Display System

Stratus is a 93 Megapixel tile display system, generating over 45 times the resolution of standard HD displays. Stratus provides users with the ability to generate high-resolution visualizations on a large 9x5 tiled display comprised of 40-inch NEC monitors. Driven by 23 cluster nodes as its backbone, Stratus' configuration allows for remarkably high-detailed immersive visualizations of scientific datasets for exploratory, monitoring, educational, and outreach purposes.

Each monitor is driven by a T5500 Dell Precision workstation configured with a dual Quad core processor, 12 GB of memory, and a 2.5 GB NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics card. Cluster nodes are interconnected with Mellanox Infiniband switches using a fat-tree configuration which delivers a one-to-one 40 Gbps, 100 ns inter-node connection. This low-latency high bandwidth interconnect, the NVIDIA graphics cards, and the dual quad core processors enable the video wall to also function as a high-performance computational cluster with total resources including 264 CPU cores, 0.5 TB of processor memory, 67.5 TB of secondary storage, and 112.5 GB of GPU memory

*NSF-funded (MRI-0923442)