The Virtual Learning Commons

The Virtual Learning Commons (VLC): STEM Research Communities Learning about Data Management, Geospatial Informatics, and Scientific Visualization.

Rapidly emerging technologies for data- and computationally-intensive science are expected to transform 21st century science discovery and learning. For science faculty and researchers who are experts in they own disciplines, the learning curve to adopt new technology is steep and tools are immature and difficult to use. There has been little research on mechanisms to make adoption easier. Key issues are the need for:

  1. Effective processes and mechanisms by which science professionals can learn to integrate emerging technologies into their work
  2. Development of empirically-based theories about the diffusion of innovation, particularly innovation from other domains, in research settings so that effective processes and mechanisms can be designed and enacted.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Create a virtual learning environment focused on disseminating emerging techniques in data and computation that can be applied to science;
  2. Engage science research and education communities in this virtual setting;
  3. Develop and extend our understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration and diffusion of innovation within and across research

The VLC will be released later in 2014. More details will be provided at that time.

This work is supported by National Science Foundation grant number OCI-1135525. Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence contributes resources to the project.