Integrated Analysis for Development of 3-D Models of Earth Structure

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Geological Science Project

This project has teams of leading researchers in geophysics and computational mathematics to address a key problem in geophysics: data fusion of distinct information sources in order to determine physical properties of the Earth. This can only be addressed when the 3-D structure of a region of interest can be clearly defined by a velocity, density, anisotropy, and/or attenuation models. Analysis of individual geophysical and geological data sets, however, may lead to different models, mostly due to mischaracterization of errors. The team will apply current and novel techniques from optimization and trust models research (e.g., data assimilation and inversion methods using sensor information) that will advance our understanding of fundamental Earth processes and impact similar projects that collect or analyze large amounts of geophysical data, e.g., EarthScope and environmental sciences.

Project Goal

To advance the understanding of the Earth by studying and developing techniques and approaches for integrating data with varying accuracy and sensitivity.



Message from the Geology PI

Aaron Velasco - Geology PIAaron Velasco
Geology PI, Geological Science Project Lead

Welcome to the Geoscience component of Cyber-ShARE. We have assembled an amazing team of scientists and students from multiple disciplines to focus on modeling the Earth.Although this sounds like a simple problem, one of the major difficulties in the geosciences is integrating multiple data sets that have different sensitivities and resolutions. We are tackling this problem using several different approaches, utilizing the expertise of our team from Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Geological Sciences. Our results will be fully integrated into Cyber-ShARE, and the other research projects within Cyber-ShARE. If you are a student and wish to learn more or if you wish to collaborate, please send us an email.

Active Research Efforts