EMBeRS Workshop

Fri, 2016-07-22

Dr. Deana Pennington led the effort of a two-week summer training experience (July 11-22, 2016) for graduate students which is designed to develop their capacity for leading interdisciplinary synthesis efforts in the future.

The students in this workshop will gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become the leaders of future interdisciplinary research teams. The workshop includes hands-on experience working across disciplines in the general area of socio-environmental systems while also learning about recent research findings on interdisciplinary teamwork, and implications for leading interdisciplinary teams. Students not only experience teamwork with like-minded peers; they learn fundamentals for leading interdisciplinary teams.

This training experience brings together Ph.D. students from different institutions and disciplines around specific sustainability and environmental science problems. Only ten PhD students were selected nationwide. Three additional students were admitted from UTEP. In total, 13 students are attending the workshop.

Link: Embers Website