Restoration of Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise using Blind Inpainting and l0 Norm

Thu, 2012-07-05 16:00
Chemistry and Computer Science Building, room 3.0908

Speaker: Ming Yan, University of California, Los Angeles

This presentation describes the problem of image restoration of observed images corrupted by impulse noise and other types of noise (e.g. zero-mean Gaussian white noise). Since the pixels damaged by impulse noise contain no information about the true image, these damaged pixels can also be considered as missing information. If the pixels corrupted by impulse noise are known, then the image restoration problem becomes a standard image inpainting problem. However, the set of damaged pixels is usually unknown, thus how to find this set correctly is a very important problem. We proposed a method that can simultaneously find the damaged pixels and restore the image. This method can also be applied to situations where the damaged pixels are not randomly chosen, but follow some unknown procedure. By iteratively restoring the image and updating the set of damaged pixels, this method has better performance than other methods, as shown in the experiments.