Message from the Director

Ann Q. Gates - Director of CYBER-ShARE
Ann Q. Gates
Director of Cyber-ShARE Center

Our team is excited that the National Science Foundation has provided funding to establish the Cyber-ShARE Center of Excellence at the University of Texas at El Paso. The Cyber-ShARE Center brings together researchers from Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, and Teacher Education who are committed to develop state-of-the-art software and tools in support of cyberinfrastructure (CI). These professionals are also resolved to creating a community of researchers and educators who use and contribute to Cyber-ShARE resources, as well as other means of “cyber-collaboration.” The Cyber-ShARE team hopes to advance research in science and engineering by integrating expertise from diverse disciplines to develop improved algorithms and investigate innovative solutions to research questions posed by the investigators of Cyber-ShARE projects. Our efforts include populating the Cyber-ShARE portal with data, software and educational components, ontologies, and workflows for use by the broader community, as well as creating educational components that use CI to attract our youth to STEM fields and train the future workforce. The Cyber-ShARE team envisions a center in which students and faculty from all disciplines can gather to discuss, brainstorm, and search for solutions to problems, and it hopes to serve as a vital and useful resource for scientists, engineers, and educators.

The Cyber-ShARE Center looks forward to giving workshops on CI, connecting with outreach efforts on campus, and assisting faculty who wish to share their data, algorithms, methods, tools, and educational tools with others through CI. We encourage you to attend our Distinguished Lecture Series, or to view the lectures via our portal if you are unable to attend in person. We welcome your comments and look forward to establishing new collaborations.