Knowledge Representation

The iLink core project funded through the NSF CREST Program is "Knowledge Representation, Negotiation and Integration." This project aims to facilitate interdisciplinary community engagement and ultimately knowledge negotiation and integration via semantic approaches. We propose to connect Cyber-ShARE’s ongoing research on
knowledge representation using Semantic Web technologies with research on scientific reasoning and interdisciplinary problem solving. Our research in this project aims to answer the following questions:

  1. How can the creation of common vocabularies (i.e., ontologies) in IDR groups be supported, and how can this facilitate knowledge
    negotiation and integration?
  2. How can we create a machine understandable representation of individual mental models and integrated conceptual frameworks?
  3. How can data and domain ontologies initiate and/or facilitate knowledge negotiation? and
  4. How can provenance describe knowledge negotiation and contribute to the meaning of concepts in an ontology?

The proposed subproject will seek to contribute to both the human and technical sides of the knowledge equation. Expected outcomes are:

  1. a method for translating mental models to a machine understandable
  2. improved capabilities for machine-assisted interdisciplinary knowledge integration;
  3. identification of the requirements needed to model knowledge negotiation; and
  4. demonstrated feasibility of the developed tools and methodologies to create IDR ontologies.

The proposed research is significant because it will enable synergistic interactions between humans and machines to more effectively solve complex IDR problems via semantic-enabled cyberinfrastructure (CI).

Additional information about this project and the iLink Research Group will soon be available...