Earth & Planetary Science Letters : Online Special Issue on USArray

Earth & Planetary Science Letters invites papers concerning any scientific aspect of the USArray component of EarthScope. We seek papers on instrumentation, background noise studies, seismicity and earthquake source studies, wave propagation investigations, new seismic analysis methods, and interpretation of earth structure and dynamics using USArray Transportable and/or Flexible Array data, including both the seismic and magnetotelluric components.

The papers will be published online as they are ready in EPSL's Article in Press section, with the issue rolling along much like USArray itself. Submissions will undergo normal external peer review. There will be no delay in publication waiting for other contributions; papers receive a DOI as soon as they appear online and are fully citable. Papers will be indexed and cited as for regular EPSL articles.

We invite comparisons between work by different researchers, for example, comparisons between the numerous travel time tomography models for the western United States. We are also interested in submissions that integrate different aspects of USArray datasets (for example, comparisons between seismic and MT models) and papers that integrate USArray data with constraints from other disciplines (e.g., geodynamics, petrology, geochemistry, geomorphology, structural geology).

We also encourage use of electronic media. Where possible electronic data collections, data products and results in electronic formats, will be made available through the IRIS Data Management System following acceptance by the IRIS Data Products Working Group.

Peter Shearer, Editor in Chief
University of California San Diego

Alan Levander, Special Editor
Rice University

Maureen Long, Special Editor
Yale University

Tim Ahern, Electronic Media Editor
IRIS Data Management System

For more information, contact Alan Levander