Welcome to Cyber-ShARE

Created in 2007, the Cyber-Share Center of Excellence conducts research on the integration of knowledge, models, and data in collaborative contexts, especially across disciplinary and organizational boundaries. This includes research on collaborative processes, collaborative technologies, and a variety of application-focused tools. A driving theme at the Center is developing trust – of products that are generated, of information that is shared, and between people working together on a problem. Complex problem solving depends on trusting the people, products, and systems that interact. We train our students to work effectively in these situations.

Research Group Primary Project

Connecting Institutional Data, People, and Expertise

iFuse Integrated Analysis for Development of 3-D Models of Earth's Structure
iLink Knowledge Representation, Negotiation and Integration: Linking Human and
Machine Knowledge Models through Semantics
iNcubate Cyber-Share is an institutional incubator for targeted new interdisciplinary Centers. We support these nascent projects as they develop their own supporting mechanisms.
iSense Advancing Understanding of Ecosystem Processes Using Cyberinfrastructure


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